A few of our projects and customers


Crédit Suisse/ Customer Experience Team


Competitive Customer Experience Checks


How do customers experience opening a bank account? We used a competitive insight study to investigate and compare customer experiences at the most important Swiss competitors. 


Swisscom/ Brand Experience Team


Human-Centered Design Consulting


During a multi-annual consulting engagement, we accompanied Swisscom during their process of transformation from a technology-centered organization towards a human-centered enterprise.


SAP Germany


Service Development, SAP Solution Configurator


By providing expert reviews and carrying out mobile user tests, we contributed to the development of a web-application for the acquisition of new customers (Sales lead generation).

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Microsoft Mediaroom


Comparative User-Study TV-Service (Hardware and Software)


Is a pleasant user experience a competitive advantage? We carried out a national study within the frame of an international benchmark for our client to compare the user experience with the major competing Swiss providers. 

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KPN Mobile International/ E-Plus Group/ User Experience Team


Development of a better user experience and higher usability of new business support systems


Conception and implementation of a qualitative user study. Interaction design and user experience design in the development process of the new business support system.

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ETH Spinn-off HORAO


Contextual user study of the interactive light object NOVA


Field study on user behavior at the main station in Zurich. The aim of the study was to identify the potential for innovation and optimization in developing the prototype to a serially manufactured product.   





Diary study for Orange UK in cooperation with project partner


For better understanding of usability context and use of today’s communication tools in everyday and professional life, Orange launched a diary study. The participants documented their daily activities, behavior and communication requirements.


NOVARTIS International AG


Interaction design for a collaborative workspace (IWS)


The intranet portal Integrated Work Space (IWS) provides tools for companywide online cooperation. Our task was the development of a series of intuitive portlets created with the user in mind.



Sauter Controls AG


Usability Evaluation of room-operating units


The project focused on user testing of different prototypes of room-operating units, after which we produced a report on the potential for improvement




Information architecture for the global company intranet


The goal of the project was the development of intuitive access to the whole range of information and relevant content of the intranet and various sub-webs.


VOLVO AG/ Reflection Marketing


Mystery checks at the points of sale


Can the customer’s car purchase experience be improved? The project focused on the evaluation of sales points from a buyer’s perspective with the goal of optimizing the customer experience. 


Open Text Corporation


Product and user experience design of the enterprise content management suite


Development and design of a range of software components that enable users, even those with limited technical experience, to efficiently administrate websites and content.


Vaudoise Versicherung/ Reflection Marketing


Customer experience-check of home insurance consultancy


How do people experience insurance consultancy? The project focused on the evaluation of home consultancy with the aim of improving the customer experience.


Skopje Design Week 2013/ SIPPO/ publicroom


Business development workshop


How can coexisting and new markets be accessed? In our workshop with representatives of the Macedonian creative industry and furniture producers, we developed business prototypes and strategic business concepts. 

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Training and research activities


University of Lucerne/ Design Management International


Co-Lecturing Service Design


In this workshop over several weeks, DMI-students learned how to develop innovative service concepts. 



University of applied sciences Northwest Switzerland / Institute for design and art research


Workshop Human-Centered Design


The workshop goal was to introduce Human Centered Design to students in different fields.


University of applied sciences Northwest Switzerland / Institute for visual communication


Workshop produkt design


The central topics in this workshop were solution development and design processes.



Experience Design Organization (EDO)

Between 2006 and 2013 EDO was an initiative and life test set-up that focused on the popularization of experience design in Switzerland and Europe. Approximately 300 members joined us. We worked to define this open term with the help of both online and offline activities.



Global Service Jam, Switzerland

The focus of the annual Service Jam is for the group to develop an innovative service within 48 hours. In cooperation with Global Service Jam and the University of Luzern, we carried out the first Swiss Service Jam in 2011. 


As a member of the jury at the Swiss Professional Magazine for Architecture and Design, Daniel is regularly invited as a User Experience Expert to evaluate websites as part of an interdisciplinary jury of architects and designers. 



Swiss UPA

In 2003 we participated in the foundation of the Swiss chapter of the Professional Usability Association. In addition to serving as members of the board, we contributed actively to developing the event program and initiated field trips and other events to promote the topics of user experience and usability in Switzerland.