SAP wanted to make it as simple as possible for future clients to assemble their custom solutions online. The configurator takes the user step by step to create individual solutions from the complex SAP product range.

We evaluated the first version of the configurator by means of an expert review. Such an assessment tests a product or a service for a range of features and the basic rules of human-centered development, as well as user heuristics. The final report, which was illustrated with various examples, allowed the development team to solve the problems identified in the following development run.

In following iterations we designed the user interface together with the SAP design team.

Then we tested the resulting interactive prototype with representative users.  We analyzed the test run and made it accessible to the development team in the form of a results report.

We incorporated the insights gained from the user test into the final version of the configurator

The SAP configurator has been made available to all SAP subsidiaries worldwide, translated and incorporated into their websites. Since its completion, the configurator has been adapted once to the new corporate design of SAP. The interaction concept that we helped to develop has proved successful and has not been changed since.

We realized the project SAP configurator together with anycase ltd. for SAP Germany.