Despite a wide range of data, many companies have little information focused on the behavior of their clients. Their information about the true requirements of their target group is incomplete.

We carry out targeted research to help organizations complete their fragmentary image of their stakeholders by developing and evaluating meaningful solutions.

Our process for human-centered design is based on the ISO standard for user-oriented procedures in development projects (DIN EN ISO 9241-210) and includes the following steps:




A human-centered approach is very effective for the development of products and services.

But user research, interaction-design and testing can also be used successfully for the development of businesses.



In our work we place equal emphasis on three elements: people, technology and business.

This holistic approach is important because it mirrors the perspective of the customer. Customers always see a business as a whole, not merely as the sum of its parts. 

We help our customers to effectively connect people, technology and business and to develop solutions in an interdisciplinary and participatory manner.