The sustainable integration of design as a way of thinking and acting (design thinking) in businesses is one of the most effective strategies of successful brands.

Business Prototypes are visualized concepts and models that render business ideas comprehensible, concrete, vivid and communicable.

How can Macedonian furniture producers and designers cooperate in a more creative and more effective way with the help of design thinking to corporately access new markets with innovative business models?

The workshop we drafted and carried out during the Skopje Design Week 2013 targeted the joint development of prototypes for new business models with participants from both groups.

The basis for this endeavor consisted of findings from a qualitative study carried out prior to the workshop that illustrate the current situation of the creative industry and furniture producers as well as their main challenges.

Over the two-day workshop the participants learned how to rapidly develop new solutions with the help of proven design methods, particularly the human-centered design process. The Creative Brief that was drafted during the workshop describes this concept, which was developed and can be progressively deepened and refined to current business models. 

The workshop is a first step in promoting a sustainable dialogue between the two partners. The creative industry and furniture producers can only thrive if they develop jointly applicable solutions for the new markets.

The Business Prototyping Workshop was carried out in cooperation with Skopje Design Week, Public Room and Switzerland Global Enterprise



This is an ongoing project and we are involved in further development activities for the Macedonian creative industry.